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Capacity from 10mm to 65mm is satisfied by 12 Gildemeister Turning Centres.

The turning centre range consists of MF TWIN 42 and 65 Turning Centres, 32 and 65mm Sprints.

The MF65 Twins & Sprints (42/65) with twin spindles, twin turrets, extensive power tooling, Multi axis (including C), enable machining of a wide variety of component types.

All have Siemens/Fanuc equipment and controls and an intuitive programming system.

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Gildemiester machines by DMG (UK) Ltd. Phone: +44 / 1582 - 570661 or visit www.gildemeister.com

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Twin 42

We have five new Twin 42 Dual Spindle - Turning Centres

Features:- Dual spindle with C-axis, dual, independent 12 station turrets, all driven, a live independent tailstock and robotics parts handling. Rapid traverse at 30 m/min, 1G acceleration and all machines fitted with auto barfeeder.

Gildmeister Twin 42

Y-axis in the upper turret
Automatic work piece transfer
Synchronous control of both spindles
Interactive programming facilities and Siemens 840D

Twin 24 operating
Twin 24 operating

Sprint 65

The MF Sprint 65 with integrated 3 metre bar feed and Siemens 840 control improved raw material to finished parts time, for our larger complex components.

Twin spindles, twin 8 station turrets, 8 driven tools, C-axis and the ability to synchronise operations mean we were able to develop new markets for our service.



Gildmeister SR-32
SR-32 part
SR-32 part
SR-32 part

Twin 65

The MF 65 Twin with Y axis is the larger cousin of the Sprint, again with twin turrets. but the 12 driven positions on each turret, Y-axis and a large machining area make this one of our most capable machine tools.

Complex parts with improved cycle times are machined on the Twin utilising 'C Axis' on each spindle.

Gildmeister SR-32
SR-32 part
SR-32 part


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