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MuratecMW 12MT 12

Murata machines provide innotivation with compact design of twin spindle turning machines with cell systems for high productivity and intelligent gantry loader material handling. These machines are used to maximise production efficiency and are particulary suitable for mass production. Muratec automation solutions are based on a wide range of experience and know-how. They are used to produce high volume, precision machined components, typically for the automotive industry.

We have three Muratec machines - see below...

Muratec equipment

You can also visit the website of our machine supplier - Murata


MW 12

The MW12 is a twin spindle dual turret machine fitted with a robotic gantry loader and automated pallet system.

The machine is able to machine 2 different components simultaneously or two identical components at a time. Parts are delivered and retrieved by the gantry loader which is also able to turn part machined pieces around and or deliver them to the same or second chuck.

Muratec MW12

Basic Machine area - both spindles have indexing & C-axis

MW 12 diagram
MW 12 multi position indexing gantry loader

Multi-Position Indexing Gantry Loader

MT 12

Utilising Fanuc software, hardware and drives, these machines are built for 100% production time.

Our two latest Muratech machines are model - MT12. Twin opposed spindles, twin turrets, each turret with 15 stations all driven, multi-tool options at each position, one machine is fitted with an Iemca auto barfeed.

Muratec MT 12

The second MT12 (delivered in March 2003) - is fitted with a twin head robotic gantry loader and automated feeding mechanism for billet work handling up to 200mm dia billets.

MT 12 close up

Machine - Basic Layout & Axis

MT 12 diagram
MT 12 parts


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