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Bryken service

Bryken tricorder

Bryken aims to provide more than machined components - we provide services, which add value to our trading relationships. We will suggest improvements to the way we work with our customers and of course customers will always expect - and receive, our co-operation and input to their projects.

We will provide with no additional cost, rolling 12 month reports on your component usage, spend and location for each line supplied as a function of our service.

Your business is our business - and our role is to assist with what you do best!

Our production and quality engineers are always available to customers to assist in design and application. Customers regularly call in our staff at their design stage to engineer out cost and improve quality.

Our Direct Line Feed/Kan-Ban service is a popular, cost effective method of supply to volume customers. The basic operation relies upon a customers commitment to a range of components used on a regular basis.

Bryken then take responsibility for the management of the customer's stocks. We visit the customer's premises (at least weekly) and scan barcode labels (provided by us) to generate a requirements list of components which will be delivered to the point of operation. Bryken hold agreed stocks and manufacturing requirements are automatically generated from usage data to ensure continued supply.

Bryken handheld




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