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StarMW 12SR 20SR 32
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Star are a long established manufacturer of 'Swiss Type' sliding head machines.

Originally intended for manufacturing long slender parts, the addition of driven tools, back-working, end working and all kinds of interpolation methods using Fanuc controls make these machines extremely versatile.

Bryken has 16 Star machines all fitted with FMB automatic barfeeds.

All of our Star machines are provided by A&S Precision of Melbourne, Derbyshire in the U.K



Our SA12'S have a capacity of 13mm and stroke of 100mm. With 4 back, 4 end working and 2 driven side working attachments - the SA12 is a versatile, accurate and quick machine. As with all our STAR machines, a sub spindle provides scope for overlapping operations.

All our SA12's are fitted with FMB mini turbo automatic bar feeders - 2 three metre and 4 four metre bar length.

SA 12 machine
SA 12 inside


SR20's have a capacity of 20 mm with a stroke of 205mm. These were the first 'Swiss type' sliding head machine purchased by Bryken and became our benchmark for quality and service.

All of our SR20's are fitted with FMB automatic bar feeders - of three metres.

SR 20 machine
SR 20 inside
SR 20 part
SR 20 part
SR 20 part


As with our other Star machines - all SR32's are fitted with FMB automatic bar feeders up to 4 metres capacity.

The largest capacity of the SR series the SR32 has stroke of 310mm. With the wide range of tooling positions, similar to the SR20, the 32 has an additional accessory - a front working driven unit, ideal for milling complex shapes using C-axis.



SR 32 machine
SR 32 inside
SR 32 part


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